4 Common Reasons Why Most People NEVER Succeed Financially

Out of 10 people whom I spoken to, 10 of them said that they want to become SUCCESSFUL FINANCIALLY. But why is it that 9 of them fail to do it?

These are 4 major reason why most people never achieve their financial goals in life. If you can overcome these 4 challenges, you can practically achieve anything!

1) Limiting Beliefs
The first things that holds most people from dreaming big are their limiting beliefs. Many people only dream about the numbers they love to have in their bank account when they wake up the next morning. However, when it comes to committing to a specific target and plan it well, they will say “Don’t even bother.” They either do not want to commit to their desired outcomes, feel that it’s too difficult or they simply don’t have what it takes.

Unless you can break past these limiting beliefs, you will never dare to dream big financial goals that will drive you to the next level.

2) Vague Goals
These people are those who live a “Whatever will be will be” kind of life. They don’t know what they want! When asked what they want to achieve, they simply say “I wanna be rich!”. When I ask, “How rich?” The common responses I get from these people are “I don’t know.. Rich lah!”

I bet these people will start making up a whole list of dream-list really quick if I gave them an Aladdin lamp with the magic genie!

The fact is this.. What has truly happened is that they have stopped dreaming. As kids, they had fantasies and dreams of what they wanted to have and be when they grow up. However, as time goes on.. they meet with failures and disappointments that their rational mind has stopped them from day-dreaming anymore. What we really need to learn is to unlock the mind and set our creative imagination FREE of FEAR and LIVE our DREAMS with growing excitement!

3) Fear of Failure
Many people fail to set goals because they believe that if they don not have high expectations, then they will never let themselves down. Sounds crazy? Well, its true! This pain of failure, rejection and embarassment prevents them from dreaming the life they ought to have!

I personally live with a NLP Presupposition which goes “There is no failures, ONLY FEEDBACKS!”

4) Instant Gratification
Instant gratification is the habit of always wanting to enjoy now, spend, and save later. Most of the time, whenever money comes into their hands, it will be soon frittered away and they will be broke again. They are always looking for quick and easy way to make extra bucks rather than building sustainable realistic wealth. These people believe that in order to be rich, they have to allow their money to grow and compound through investing. However, they do not have the patience to wait for the seeds to grow into huge money trees bearing fruits.

You see.. There are no short-cuts to success in any area, may it be financially, business, career, health or relationships. So, be prepared to make what appears to be ‘sacrifices’ and, if you do, the rewards will be there when you need it the most!

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