Who REALLY Is the Richest Man in The World?

Top 10 Richest Men in the World

1. Carlo Slim Helu – Mexico $53.5 billion, up $18.5 billion in 12 months. Shares of America Movil (oil)
2. Bill Gates – US – $53 billion who had held the title of world’s richest 14 of the past 15 years. (Microsoft)
3. Warren Buffett – US – $47billion ( Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffet) Warren Buffet invested wisely in Goldman Sachs during the worst parts of 2008
4. Mukesh Ambani – India – $29.0
5. Lakshmi Mittal – India – $28.7
6. Lawrence Ellison – United States – $28.0
7. Bernard Arnault – France – $27.5
8. Eike Batista – Brazil – $27.0
9. Amancio Ortega – Spain – $27.4
10. Karl Albrecht – Germany – $23.5

According to Forbes, these are the richest 10 men in 2010 and they have a combined Total Networth of $344.1 Billion Dollars.

Imagine if everything you know is a lie. Imagine if the richest family on Earth have a combined Total Networth of $500 Trillion!

Rothschild’s Wealth = $500 Trillion
$1 Million = $1,000,000
$1 Billion = $1,000,000,000
$1 Trillion = $1,000,000,000,000

Imagine if you are a slave of a hidden power. This power has been in control of the world of centuries. The name of this power is ROTHSCHILD.

Famous Quotes about ROTHSCHILD

“If my sons did not want wars.. There would be none.” Gutle Schnaper, wife of Mayer Amshcel Rothschild
“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.” – Rothschild
“Rothschild is the Lord and Master of the money markets of the world, and of course virtually Lord and Master of everything else.” – Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister
“Teach those impudent Americans a lesson. Bring them back to colonial status.” – Nathan Mayer Rothschild
“Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and commerce” – President Taft

More Interesting Facts about The Rothschilds

The Rothschilds have caused every war since 1800.
The Rothschilds control half the wealth of the world, $500 Trillion Dollars!
The Rothschild establish the “FED” in 1913 and have controlling interest. They rule by proxy and virtually control the entire planet through their money power. Their central banks control the money supply of many countries, including the United States.

Now, the question I have for you is this,

Does it make sense if you are not a Millionaire?

A Millionaire suddenly looks poor when compared to the Rothschild, isn’t it?

Unfair Advantage or Opportunity?

My people perish for lack of knowledge – Bible

When I was young, I was told that if I were to study hard, score good grades, get a good company and be a professional executive, I’ll be guaranteed success in life. However, now that I’m a professional Wealth Strategist to fellow financial consultants and also my clients, I know that those words are merely myths that has been passed on from the past generations to new generations.

In today’s world, you can be an academic scholar but still be poor. This goes against the conventional wisdom especially when we equate people who have high paying jobs like doctors and lawyers with being financial and acdemically smart because they make a lot of money.

Well, I’ve nothing against schools, colleges or universities.. It’s just that I believe that most school systems do a pretty good job with academic and professional education but they will definitely score a fat “F” when it comes to financial education.

In today’s Information Age, we are overloaded with data and it’s the power of ‘proper’ education that gives us the power to translate that information into meaning, meaning we can use to make our lives better.

In fact, I was at the National Achievers Congress 2010 few days ago when Tony Blair was speaking in Kuala Lumpur.

Blair shared that in today’s world, everything is interdependent. Lehman Brothers might go bust in the United States yet it will vastly affect the economy in Malaysia and Singapore. In order to success in the modern world, one must be OPEN MINDED and WILLING TO CHANGE. And this does not limit to individuals alone but major corporations and even the governments. Therefore, Globalization can be an OPPORTUNITY or a THREAT.

Tony Blair’s Qualification for Success =
Work Hard + Determination + Never Give Up + Build a Strong Team + Sense of Optimism

I believe that the difference between those who find the current time to be the best of times and those who find it to be the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE is FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE.

Always remember, It’s not stock and shares, commodities or real estate that make you rich.. But what you know about stock and shares, commodities or real estate that makes you rich!

National Achievers Congress 2010

The National Achievers Congress is a hallmark event staging world-class speakers in one location to help individuals achieve outstanding results in today’s highly competitive global economy. At the National Achievers Congress 2010, the speakers will generously share their personal strategies and impart their knowledge and skills to propel you to greater SUCCESS.

In three days, the speakers will cover on the different aspects of business and successful investing as it will be conducted by ground-up with the team touching on the fundamentals of being rich and successful.

Experts in their respective fields, the speakers are primed to educate the participants on their specialized topic. They are informative, entertaining and adept in reaching out to the participants. The energy level in the room invigorates the participants and enhances their learning curve.

Who are The Speakers?

Tony Blair

Prime Minister of Great Britain & Northern Ireland (1997 to 2007)

One of the most respected and admired world leaders in the last 50 years, Tony Blair offers an unparallel analysis of the world’s most difficult and complex issues. During his ten years as Prime Minister, he transformed Britain’s public services through a program of investment and reform in schools and hospitals, resulting in more children achieving better school results and more people receiving faster access to health care.

Following his role as Prime Minister, Blair quickly came into demand as a presenter, and corporate advisor. He is considered one of the best speakers in business today offering in-depth analysis and approach to the opportunities that lie ahead. This is one of those rare opportunities to witness Tony Blair speak as he addresses the issues surrounding today’s economy and leads you through a fascinating account of where the world is heading in the next 5 years!

Robert G. Allen

America’s foremost #1 Millionaire-Maker
How to create Multiple Streams of Income

Robert Allen?s colossal best-seller “Nothing Down” established him as one of the most influential investment advisors of all time. Robert Allen has followed that success with three other best-selling books including Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income and The One Minute Millionaire.

Robert Allen is a popular talk-show guest and has appeared on dozens of programs. Robert has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Barron’s, Money Magazine, and Reader’s Digest.

Tickets currently selling at RM850 or SGD225 at http://www.nationalachieverscongress.com/register.html

I’ve only 8 extra tickets. If you are interested to purchase the tickets at RM400, please feel free to contact me at quek.jonathan@gmail.com.

How to Be a Real Estate Investor with a few Hundred/ Thousand Dollars?

Most people dream of investing in a portfolio of properties which gives you not only steady capital appreciation of the property over time but also monthly passive income from renting it out. In fact, most of the millionaires make their money through property investment and it’s also known as a game for the rich. You gotta have a few hundred thousands to a few millions to start playing the game.

Today, with the creation of REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust), small investors with a few hundred to thousand dollars can participate and enjoy the benefits of real estate investing.

What is REITs?
A Real Estate Investment Trust (“REIT”) is a publicly listed company that raises capital (from shareholders) to purchase and operate real estate assets (i.e. retail malls, offices, industrial properties, business parks, or other real estate assets). Over 90% of the rental income generated from these properties is then distributed back to the shareholders as dividends (DPU: distributions per unit) at regular intervals.

What are My Top 5 Criterias for REIT Selection?
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The Chinese’s Train in the Future

A brilliant new Chinese train innovation – get on & off the bullet train without the train stopping. VERY IMPRESSIVE CONCEPT!

No time is wasted. The bullet train is moving all the time. If there are 30 stations between Beijing and Guangzhou, just stopping and accelerating again at each station will waste both energy and time.

A mere 5 min stop per station (elderly passengers cannot be hurried) will result in a total loss of 5 min x 30 stations or 2.5 hours of train journey time!

The passenger at a station embarks onto to a connector cabin way before the train even arrives at the station. When the train arrives, it will not stop at all. It just slows down to pick up the connector cabin which will move with the train on the roof of the train.

While the train is still moving away from the station, those passengers will board the train from the connector cabin mounted on the train’s roof. After fully unloading all its passengers, the cabin connector cabin will be moved to the back of the train so that the next batch of outgoing passengers who want to alight at the next station will board the connector cabin at the rear of the train roof.

When the train arrives at the next station, it will simply drop the whole connector cabin at the station itself and leave it behind at the station. The outgoing passengers can take their own time to disembark at the station while the train had already left. At the same time, the train will pick up the incoming embarking passengers on another connector cabin in the front part of the train’s roof. So the train will always drop one connector cabin at the rear of its roof and pick up a new connector cabin in the front part of the train’s roof at each station.

Write Your Obituary Before You’re Dead

No one plans to fail but many fails to plan. Isn’t that true? Most people know what they don’t want in life, but very few really knows what is it that they really want. One way to plan your life is by thinking about what your obituary will say when you pass away.

There was once a gentleman from Stockholm, Sweden named Alfred. Although Alfred was tutored at home, he was mostly self-educated. He was an avid reader of literature and became fluent in several languages including English, French, German, Russian, and Swedish. More importantly, he also became a chemist.

Alfred soon began experimenting with nitroglycerine and received a Swedish patent for a detonator dubbed the “Nobel Lighter.” He soon set up a factory near Stockholm to manufacture nitroglycerine. Unfortunately, nitroglycerine is dangerous to handle and Alfred’s factory blew up in 1864, killing his younger brother, Emil.

The explosion did not slow Alfred down. Within a month, he organized other factories to manufacture nitroglycerine. three years later, Alfred combined nitroglycerine with an inert substance that made the explosive safer to handle and store. Alfred called his new invention the ‘Dynamite’.

Despite being a pacifist, Alfred saw his invention used for war. In 1888, Alfred’s brother Ludvig died in France. When Alfred read the obituary in a French newspaper, his grief turned to dismay. Instead of reading his brother’s obituary, he found that he was reading his own obituary, which the newspaper had mistakenly printed!

The headline of that paper was “THE MERCHANT OF DEATH IS DEAD!”

The obituary described Alfred as a man who got rich by making it easier for people to kill each other. Dismayed by what he had read, Alfred vowed that his real obituary would be far different than what the French newspaper had printed. Instead of being a man who had become wealthy from the misery and suffering of others, Alfred decided his obituary would portray him as a man of peace who had used his wealth to benefit humanity.

When he died 8 years later n 1896, Alfred had left more than $9 million to fund awards for work that helped promote peace. You probably know Alfred best from the awards that are still given out today in his honor. They are called the Nobel Peace Prizes.

Now the question I have for you is this..

How do you want to be remembered? right now, you have the power to shape your own destiny and write your future obituary. What will it say? Only you can decide how you want your life to turn out.

3 Powerful Investment Strategies to Multiply Your Money

Through my own course of learning to invest over the years, I have realized that there are many different strategies that experts use to select stocks to achieve remarkable returns. The problem is this.. Some of the strategies contradict each other. Some experts prefer thorough understanding of the stock that you buy while some trade them without any need for understanding of the business. Some made their fortune purely by studying a company’s fundamentals while some made it through analyzing stock’s price movements and reading the psychology of the market.

A good example would be, Warren Buffett believe in buying undervalued stocks only when they are shunned by the market and then selling them for huge profits once they reach their fair value. Yet, investment gurus like William O’ Neil buy stocks of over valued companies that are being aggressively accumulated by Fund managers, with the anticipation that the stock price will increase dramatically because of the hype around it.

After studying and testing many schools of though, I have discovered that all the strategies work (only if it is thoroughly understood and applied properly).

Strategy 1: Buying Markets & Sectors
This is the most basic strategy that all novice investors should start off with. It involves the lowest level of financial intelligence but can make you consistent annual compounded return of 7% – 12%. The holding period for such investments would be usually over 3 years or longer. Some people prefer buying into unit trust, index funds or even ETF (Exchange Traded Funds).

Strategy 2: Value Investing
When you have increased your level of financial intelligence, you can learn to select specific stocks of individual companies that would outperform the market. In fact, this strategy is employed by Warren Buffett, the world’s greatest investor of all time. He buys high performing companies at a fraction of what they are worth. In other words, he buys great companies when they are undervalued and sell them for a huge profit once the market realizes its true value. Warren Buffett has been making an average of 24% per year using this strategy.

One of the best book on Value Investing. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

Strategy 3: Momentum Investing
Momentum investing involves finding the hottest stocks that are ready to make great gains. For these investors, 15% or 20% returns in a years time aren’t worth talking about. Instead, they seek out stocks with the potential to double or triple within just a few months. Momentum investing is not a buy-and-hold strategy. Momentum investors typically hold a stock for a few months. However, they monitor their holdings daily and sometimes sell much sooner.

As you can see, each subsequent strategy allows you to make a lot more profit within a shorter period of time and that means higher risks as well. However, the level of risk is highly dependent on your level of financial intelligence as well. If you are an investor with low financial intelligence, then the strategy becomes much more risky.

Awaken The Financial Geniuses of University College Sedaya International (UCSI)

What did the participants say about the workshop?

“Listening to the speech has been very much beneficial to me to undestanding the real world of finance. Besides, it was really fun and interesting too!” – Riton Shafique

“Motivating speech that boost energy to do something in life and to manage it well” – Mohammad Nasir

“The most important lesson that I’ve learnt today is how to take a right action with the right person to fulfill my dreams. First, I must have a purpose, write it down and refer to it everyday. Focus on my dreams and taking the right actions” – Koo Thiam Huan

DANGER! Money Predators Ahead!

Making money is important, isn’t it?

However, sometimes we over-emphasize on wealth creation and ways to leverage our money to work harder for us that we forget to protect our money. Guess what? Protecting your money from Money Predators is equally as important.

You see, the world we live in is filled with people and organizations waiting for the opportunity to help themselves to our money. Worst still, these people are SMART! If they are smarter than you, they will definitely GET YOUR MONEY!

Besides, how many advertisements are you seeing on newspaper everyday about self-proclaimed Wealth or Money Guru who would like to share with you some tactics to earn lots of money for a minimal tuition fee ranging $3K to $6K. Now, think about it, how many gurus are out there to teach us about the measurements to take to protect against the money predators?

So, Who are the money predators?

In Singapore, banks and insurance companies rewards consumers for purchasing their financial products. Apparently in Malaysia, they provide SEX!

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