Are You Ready for Year 2013?

A Great Day to You!

I’m currently having my coffee at Solaris Mont Kiara, jotting down my goals in paper. I started setting these goals while I was having my Year End Holidays in Sydney, Australia in December 2012.

When I watch my Facebook’s newsfeed every morning, I sometimes find people complaining about life. They find their life rather mundane. Worst are those who complain about traffic jam and how torturing their life is.┬áPersonally, I believe that life is only boring for people with boring goals. It’s the goals that makes our life exciting!

Since my university days, I’ve always enjoyed goal setting or new year resolution. This post may come a little bit but I always believe that it’s better late than never.

My Goals for Year 2013

When I set my goals every single year, I like to divide it into 5 categories; physical, social, mental, financial & spiritual. So there you go, my goals for Year 2013!

1) Physical & Health
– Learn a new sport – Golf!
– Exercise at least 3 times a week & watch my diet (70kg to be specific).

2) Social & Family
– Be a part of Entrepreneur Organization. (This is a goal that Candice & I set in Year 2012 & I’m proud to announce that both individual companies have qualified for it this year).
– Trip to Canada to visit the Royal Canadian Mint & Conserve Oil Corporation.
– Sponsor my whole family for a holiday at Bangkok, Thailand.

3) Mental & Personal Development
– Re-attend Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) course.
– Attend a course relating to building business systems.
– Read 2 books a month on business, investments, entrepreneurship & personal development.

4) Financial & Business
– Achieve total RM33 million revenue for our combined businesses.
– Launch a Financial Intelligence Radio Talk Show.
– Launch ‘Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?’ in Bahasa Malaysia.
– Write a new book relating to Psychology of Money.
– Launch our very own Financial Intelligence Conference

5) Spiritual
– Attend Sunday mass every week.

So, these are my goals for Year 2013. By making such PUBLIC COMMITMENT, I invite you to laugh at me in case I don’t achieve them by the end of Year 2013. I also hope that I’ve inspired you to start writing down your goals and declaring them to your family & friends as well!

Yours Truly,

Jonathan Quek

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