Be A Linchpin

As I continued to study about exponential technologies, I became a little worried. Because it seems like if your job involves just following instructions, you’ll be replaced.

So what do you do?

Recently I’ve read a book titled “Linchpin” by Seth Godin. And I would like to share the diamonds I have learnt with you.

So, what are linchpins?
Linchpins are indispensable, so they get the best jobs

You need not be a CEO to be a linchpin. Linchpins are like artists: they pour all their energy, heart and soul into their work.

Consider the extra-friendly barista, whose great service makes you a regular customer, even though the coffee shop isn’t the closest or cheapest one.

That barista is a Linchpin!

Because the coffee shop can’t easily find someone with similar passion for service to replace him.

The inconvenient truth is… Today you can no longer succeed by being unremarkable and just following instructions. Instead, no matter how scary it seems, you must choose to be outstanding.

Be a linchpin. See your work as a platform for your art and pour your emotional labour into it every day!

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