Building Business With Your Face

Did you know that an average person spends 2 hours a day on social media?
Did you know that Facebook is 350 times more addictive than cigarettes?
Did you know that small and medium business owners have an added advantage over big corporations in social media?

I’m truly grateful to have 2 of my very good friends, Timothy Tiah and Bryan Loo, coming together to create a entrepreneurs education workshop titled ‘Kings of Social Media’ to educate entrepreneurs on how they can grow their business by attracting customers, talents and investors without investing heavy marketing budgets.

Who is Timothy Tiah and Bryan Loo?

Timothy is a successful entrepreneur who founded Nuffnang (the world’s leading blog advertising community) and Colony (the most beautiful co-working space in KL). He is also the husband to famous blogger, father to two beautiful children.

Bryan is the CEO of LOOB Holding and Founder of Tealive Asia. He owns 9 F&B brands with close to 200 outlets across the country serving over 3 million customers a month.

Both Timothy Bryan were awarded the Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneurs of the Year (2015 & 2013 Respectively)

Timothy Tiah And Bryan Loo have been truly generous to share their hidden secrets on how they have grew their business exponentially through the science and art of social media influencing.

The 2 key diamonds I’ve taken away from this sessions are:

  1. Be Authentic

You got to know who you are and demonstrate that true persona of yours in social media. Know the mission that you’re standing up for. Have absolute clarity of your core values. Demonstrate them in your business and life and allow social media to amplify your persona.

Take Note: Don’t be a fake!

You may be able to fake it till you make it. But the problem is you can’t be a faker for a long time. It’s just a matter that you’ll be caught being a faker.

And the biggest warning is, don’t get caught being a fake. Because that’s what’s gonna make you popular for the wrong reason!

2. The Face Behind the Brand 

Consumers today wants to know the face behind a brand. As a small medium business owner, you may not have the big marketing budget to advertise your brand but you have the unfair advantage to put your face as the founder behind your business. People wants to connect with you and they want to know how did they do what you did with your business.

As a business founder, you can use your Facebook and Instagram to create “THE MAKING” of your products so that audiences can connect with your brand. They want to be a part of your growth process. Through sharing of your progress on social media platforms, you’ll be able to create anticipation to create explosive demands for your products even before it’s being launched in the market.

Startups today have the ability to level the playing field to compete with the big boys. Thanks to social media!

Thanks to all participants who have invested your time and resources to be with us that day. And for you readers, I hope you’ve learnt something from the diamonds that I’ve got from this workshop.

Thanks to my team members and organizing team for working hard to create an amazing experience to all participants. You guys are the best!

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