My Experience as Mentorship Chair of EO Malaysia 2016/17

2 years ago, George Ang asked if I would like to join his board in EO Malaysia Chapter as a board member. Initially, I thought I was going to play a role to spread EO’s entrepreneurship spirit among university students and I agreed. However, after being on board, I was assigned as the Mentorship Chair.

As a mentorship chair, I had the duty to ensure that EO mentors and mentees will be paired according to the suitability and relevance.

Being a EO member for 3 years plus, I’ve never truly experienced how EO is like as a global organization until I had the opportunity to attend the Global Leadership Conference where I had the opportunity to meet EO members from all over the world.

Raymond and I took the stage to have some fun at Global Leadership Conference.

The Malaysia contingent at Global Leadership Conference.

To kickstart my year, I had to organize a Mentorship Bootcamp for mentors and mentees to meet. During this bootcamp, I had the support of Stephen Liu, a regional representative and George Gan, a global representative to conduct the program. Both Stephen and George has been instrumental to the Mentorship Program in EO Global and both of them happen to be from Malaysia too!

In the blink of an eye, the entire program has ran for a year!

At the end of the one year program, we brought together mentors and mentees for an Appreciation Dinner.

During this dinner, I had the amazing opportunity to present my mentor of the year, Gan Te-Shen a 1oz Superman .9999 silver coin. Throughout my experience being a mentee, I have learnt the importance of having a mentor in business. A mentor is like a GPS. They are constantly pointing you to the right direction especially when you’re swaying away!

Thanks Te-Shen for being the brain to pick, ear to listen, and for constantly pushing me in the right direction!

And lastly, I want to express my appreciation for Ryan Loo for agreeing to be my co-chair for the entire year. It has been a pleasure working closely with you!

Thanks EO for the amazing experience! This is a definitely must-join organization for all entrepreneurs!

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