Exposing the Manipulation of Gold

I’ve just found this fantastic video by the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, also known as GATA. GATA is a group of gold investors and professionals from the gold industry that includes mutual fund managers, commodities analysts, attorneys, precious metals dealers, and now even a few banks. GATA was created to expose the governments, the world’s central banks that have been manipulating and depressing the price of gold.

So, the big question is this… Why would the central banks want o keep a lid on the gold price?

One rational that I’ve gotten from my personal research is if gold price rises too quickly, this signals to the world that the central banks are doing a horrible job.

This video is a historic gold conference exposing the long term manipulation of the gold market.

I totally love this video and I found GATA really amazing. It is never easy to get around that all the central banks have been conspiring´╗┐ with each other to keep the price of gold down. If you would like to take a closer look at GATA’s evidences, I urge you to go to their website at www.GATA.org.

The video can be purchased at GoldRush21.

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