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INTI International University – How to Invest Like an Idiot & Trade Like a Pro

26th June 2013 – Nothing beats running your signature program in the place you call home. This time round, team Financial Youth Intelligence (FYI) was invited to conduct ‘How to Invest like an Idiot & Trade like a Pro’ Investment Workshop at INTI University. Just for the record, this was where I spent more than 3 years of my life doing my bachelors degree.

There was lots of teamwork among the organizing committee. I truly love their commitment and dedication towards making this event a huge success!


This time round, we were honored to have the team from Bursa acknowledging our efforts to increase financial intelligence among youths in Malaysia. We had Zul Mustafa, the Head of Strategy Management of Bursa Malaysia to start the program by sharing his thoughts towards creating more young and smart investors in Malaysia.

Zul Mustafa, Bursa Malaysia

What truly surprised me was the full house attendance in the hall that day. Having spent literally 3 years plus of my life in INTI, I’ve seen students going all crazy over concerts & prom nights. But that very day, I was proud to see many enthusiastic students hungry to improve their financial education.



Benny Lee in action speaking on ‘How to Trade Like a Pro’!


Alex of Bursa Derivatives sharing on the different products in Bursa Derivatives platform.


I also had the opportunity to share on ‘How to Invest Like an Idiot’. In my session, I shared several idiot-proof ways to invest in funds, shares, gold, silver & oil.



One of the special moments of this session was to have 2 students from University of Nottingham who shared what they have learnt over the months and how they have changed their lives after increasing their financial intelligence.


(James Day from Nottingham University)


(Jacob from Nottingham University)

Congratulations to team FYI and INTI International University for making this event a huge success!



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