Keep Investment Simple & Stupid

When I started learning how to invest 10 years ago, I was simply a Computer Science student in university. I had a hard time understanding those ‘Financial Jargons’!

It was then when I told myself, one day, I’m gonna translate these boring and complex financial languages into simple and fun financial education programs!

On the first week of January 2014, I launched the KISS Series – Keep Investment Simple & Stupid!

The first book of KISS was written together with my buddy, Benny Lee!

Benny Lee Jonathan Quek Kiss

Many asked why we named our book “Keep Investment Simple and Stupid (KISS)”. The word stupid does not seem appropriate, say some. Well, there is a reason why we named it that way… That’s why you need to get the book!

We do not mean that a person has to be stupid to invest. It is supposed to be keeping investments “stupid”. In other words, one does not need to be a rocket scientist to be a successful investor or trader. Any lay person can acquire the the knowledge of investing, and of course it has to be from someone who has the experience.

People always think that “if only we can be as smart/brilliant as Warren Buffet or Mark Cook or Kiyosaki, then we can be successful…” Well , that is not the case. Buffet, despite having a Master of Science in Finance, attributed his investment skills to a simple approach and principles taught by Benjamin Graham. Mark Cook (From the book Market Wizards) was a farmer, and Robert Kiyosaki was a marine. They all learned from other people’s experience (found their “Rich Dad”) and took action.

There are few formulas of success that I’ll remember for life.

Knowledge = Power

Knowledge + Action = Miracles!

Knowledge gives us power. But what I do realised more often are people who are equipped with too much knowledge and they are unable to take actions. Perhaps it’s not knowledge that’s creating the trouble. It’s not knowing how to keep the knowledge simple that paralyses a person.

And I always said, the more you know (I am talking about knowledge, not experience), the more afraid and risk-averse we become. All you need is a simple knowledge on how to trade and invest and this book will give you a kick-start to take action!

And Guess what?

When I returned from my Chinese New Year break last month, I’m proud to announce that within a month launching KISS (Keep Investment Simple & Stupid), our book is now ranked No.6 in Popular Finance Bestseller List!

A big thank you to everyone who have supported this book as we hope to make investing and trading not only more profitable, but also fun and simple!

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