I’ve always believe that if you want to achieve any goal, your first step is to make a Public Commitment. When you make a Public Commitment, you have burn all your bridges so retreat simply isn’t an option.

I first created my list when I was 21 years old and when I started this list, I couldn’t even imagine some of these dreams as possible, but because I put them on paper, I took action to turning those dreams into reality. Since then, I’ve been updating this list again and again with new goals and aspirations.

As you are reading this, I hope that you will take time to create your dream list too. Create a dream list that inspires you – dreams that are more than you can even imagine possible.


Experiences/ Objects
1. Build a personal library of books at home or office.
2. Buy my own property in Mont Kiara (Achieved at age 28)
3. Watch Anthony Robbins LIVE in Action and do the Fire Walk (Achieved at age 23)
4. Write a book and become a local best-selling author (Achieved at age 28)
5. Become an international best-selling author with my book translated into 10 languages
6. To be speaking together on the same platform with Tony Robbins or Robert Kiyosaki (Shared the stage with Robert Kiyosaki at Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok at age 29)
7. Own a BMW (Bought an Audi at age 27)
8. Own a brand new Mercedes Benz E-Class/ S-Class (Bought my E-Class at age 29)
9. Travel to 100 countries by the time I expire.
10. Complete a 42km marathon (Achieved at age 25)
11. Break into the Malaysia Book of Records (Achieved at age 21)
12. Bungee Jumping (Done at age 29)
13. Sky Diving
14. Ring the IPO bell at NYSE/ NASDAQ/ ASX
15. A week in Las Vegas
16. 5 days romantic tour in Maldives Island
17. A meal with Richard Branson at Necker Island
18. Attend Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting in Omaha, Nebraska
19. Visit top Technology Start Ups at Silicon Valley
20. Acquire an oil well in Canada with producing cashflow
21. Acquire a silver mining company with producing cashflow
22. 5 days tour in Tony Robbin’s Namale Resort at Fiji Island

Growth Opportunities
1. Obtain the Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner Certification (Achieved at age 22)
2. Run a series of successful businesses with combined monthly revenue of RM1 million (Achieved at age 28)
3. Be a platform financial speaker in 10 different countries (Spoken in Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea and still counting…)
4. Be a USD Cashflow Millionaire (Definition: USD1 million gross income per year)
5. USD30 million networth
6. Be a member of Entrepreneurs Organization (Achieved at age 28)
7. Create a platform that empowers 100 individuals to become MYR Cashflow Millionaires
8. Build a startup towards PLC status

1. Create a social enterprise which elevates humanity through financial education (Financial Youth Intelligence)
2. FYI to touch lives of 100,000 youths through financial education by Year 2020
3. To create a revolution of financial education across Asia
4. Create a financial education program/platform to educate and train the less fortunate.

“You will never live life beyond your wildest expectations until you first have some wild expectations.” – Unknown