What Netflix Taught Me About Life & Business?

Last night was one of those rare nights when I get to lie down on my sofa with the remote control browsing through Netflix.
As I browsed through different movies on Netflix, I started to struggle to choose a new movie to watch. I spent most of my time scrolling through films and watching trailers.

Towards the end, I didn’t managed to watch any movie and I ended up going to bed because it was too late.

As I lied down on my bed, I started to reflect. Isn’t this life?

Paradox of Choice

Sometimes, we are given too many options. And we fall into the paradox of choice. Due to the “grass is always greener” mindset, it’s so hard to choose and commit because we are afraid that we will make the wrong choices.

As what Barry Schwartz once said, “Learning to choose is hard. Learning to choose well is harder. And learning to choose well in a world of unlimited possibilities is harder still, perhaps too hard.”

The Inconvenient Truth

Our ancestors didn’t have this problem in the past. Because back then, they were limited with choices. And because of the “Do-Or-Die” mindset and High-Level Commitment attitude, they have no choice but to make things work.

Think about it… The divorce cases in the past were much lower. Because very often in the past, most people believe not in the option of divorce. So, they do their best to make a relationship work.

Failures in businesses were much lower in the past. Because very often in the past, most entrepreneurs can’t afford to fail. That’s why they hustle through the toughest of times to make that one business work. When they had no more funds in the bank and no parents (or uncle and aunty) to rely upon, they had to fight for their dreams till that business becomes a huge success.

They did not have the abundance of choices like what we have in Netflix and Youtube in the past. They had only 1 TV and probably 3 channels! And they made the best out of their TV sessions despite that 3 channels.

Lesson Learnt

It’s interesting what I’ve learnt through a night of browsing through movies on Netflix… because I’ve just spent a night browsing through movies. I didn’t finished any movie.

Sometimes you make the right decision and pick a good movie. Sometimes you don’t get a good movie. And it’s your job to make the best out of it to make that wrong decision right.

At the end of the day, for things to happen, you got to stop being “just interested” and start being “extremely committed”.

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