"Success is never by chance.
Success is always by choice."

I help my audiences to uncover the truth of the financial industry. Next, is to take action! It has been my pleasure to have the opportunity to share my findings, insights, and strategies with audiences at the Wealth Summit 2014 Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi Vietnam.

I help my audiences to uncover the truth of the financial industry. Next, is to take action! 

Jonathan Quek is a visionary, entrepreneur and educator. His humble beginning as a financial planner has led him to a journey of great discovery in the financial world. To date, he has established his reputation in the world of alternative investments with numerous recognitions under his belt. In 2016, Jonathan founded Owners Circle, a financial education and influence investing network. In a short span of 6 months, he has led the company to acquire 2 exciting hospitality businesses and educated thousands of people along the way.


Ten years ago, Jonathan Quek embarked on his career in the financial industry in Singapore. He was highly passionate on the subject of wealth creation and studied the subject extensively. He served as a financial adviser representative in an independent financial advisory firm licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Things took a turn during the 2008 Financial Crisis. The crisis exposed the vulnerability of the global financial system. It prompted him to rethink the financial industry and led him to intense research on the matter. When he discovered the true intrinsic value of precious metals amidst the economic cycle, he decided to take the plunge into gold and silver.


After the moment of truth, Jonathan left the financial industry in Singapore in 2010. He returned to Malaysia to embark on a new journey of entrepreneurship. What started as a passion for educating the public about investing in silver through blogging led to his founding of SilverMalaysia.com. The website has transformed from a blog to a premium online precious metals reseller portal, with the objective to help ordinary investors fight against hyperinflation and survive in an economic crisis. Jonathan has helped thousands of people safeguard their wealth through providing ordinary investors access to gold and silver bullion. In 2014, SilverMalaysia.com has expanded its reach to Hanoi with the setup of SilverVietnam.com.


After making waves in the gold and silver industry, Jonathan invested in crude oil in 2012. Sensing opportunity, Jonathan joined forces with Candice Lee to partner with a Canadian company to start investing in oil fields. Over the following years, Jonathan and Candice grew their team into 150 people strong. The company that Jonathan Quek and Candice Lee represented were also awarded “the Most Preferred Alternative Investment Provider in Malaysia” by InvestFair 2014 and InvestFair 2015. It is a recognition of their achievements in the industry.


Jonathan has authored several books in his mission to impart knowledge to the masses. In 2011, his first masterpiece, “Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?” was written and translated into 3 languages – Chinese, Malay and Vietnamese. He went on to write the “Keep Investment Simple & Stupid” series. The first of the series was titled "How to Invest like an Idiot & Trade like a Pro", co-authored with Benny Lee in 2014. At the same year, he co-authored "5 Elements of Successful Investors" with Xeo Lye.

As a successful trainer and speaker, Jonathan has served corporate clients such as Bursa Malaysia, Kenanga Investment Bank, CIMB Bank, UOB Bank, and more.
To date, Jonathan has made appearances in Success Resources’ National Achievers Congress (NAC), Wealth Summit and Masters of Wealth, Bank Negara & AKPK’s “POWER!” Program, Bursa Malaysia’s Gold & Precious Metals Outlook Conference 2015, iCapital.biz Berhad Open Day 2011, InvestFair Malaysia 2014 and more.
Jonathan Quek is also an accomplished international speaker. He has been invited to speak at financial institutions, corporate organisations and education institutions in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and South Korea.


Together with Candice Lee, Jonathan was often invited to share their secrets on leadership after leading their team of mostly Gen Ys with a culture of love and growth to achieve a $100 million annual turnover in just 3 years.
This led to the creation of Leadership 360, a sales leadership training program to educate sales leaders on how to attract, coach and transform their sales talent through creating a high-performance sales environment. The program is a cumulation of their years of experience leading successful sales organisations.
Jonathan Quek believes that there are 2 types of leaders; the first are leaders who people wished they would die. The second are leaders who people wish to die for. Leadership 360 is about learning what it takes to be the second kind of leader.


In 2017, Jonathan partnered with some of the top leaders in the region to create Owners Circle, an influence investing platform with the mission to empower humanity to own and grow purposeful and profitable businesses that they are passionate about. 
As an angel investor, Jonathan has seed funded 6 private businesses such as The BARN, a wine bar with three branches across Malaysia; Transcendz Marketing, an events management company specializing in financial technology industry; LePro Systems, a digital legal services platform; Green Hostel, a student hostel management business; Luminari Property Berhad, a private retreat villa; and Artisan Eco Hotel, a social enterprise hospitality business.


Jonathan Quek has been featured and interviewed in numerous media in the ASEAN region. He has appeared in The Star Newspaper, New Straits Times, TV1, TV2, TV3, BFM89.9, The Edge, Smart Investor, Personal Money, Focus Malaysia and TalkVietnam.

Jonathan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Coventry University (2nd Upper Honours) and he is also a Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

He is recognised as one of The 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs in Malaysia, a testament to his impactful contribution to the entrepreneurial landscape. He is also a member of the Malaysia Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).