Training with Cuscapi Berhad

A month ago, Candice called me one night to request for me to conduct training for our dearest friend, Chor Siong, who happens to be the Group CEO of Cuscapi Bhd, Asia’s leading F&B business management solutions provider.

I agreed without knowing what I got myself into. The inconvenient truth is… I’ve never trained in a multi national corporation in the IT solutions industry!
I must admit that the beginning of this training was extremely challenging as I had 20 leaders from 5 different nations who barely knows each other sitting in my room.

To cut the long story short… What truly touches my organizing team and I was seeing what started with a hard cold, awkward room ended with everyone from different nations hugging and giving each other high fives!

As we ended the session, I felt truly blessed that the years invested by Candice and myself to build a culture of personal excellence has surprised us with the gift to empower other organizations to build similar culture as well.

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