My First Chinese Book 为何黄金,为何白银,为何现在 is Out

Finally, i now have a book written in Chinese!

The Chinese translated version is published as i realized that a large segment of the market are chinese literate investors whoe are also keen in investing in gold and silver. Well, for those who have already read or seen my book “Why Gold, Why Silver, Why Now?”, this is not new because it is in fact the translated version of that earlier publication.

I was truly elated whenever supporters approach me to request for my signature! Thank you for your support!

We launched the Chinese copy of the “Why Gold, Why Silver, Why Now” book at the Invest Fair Malaysia 2013 just last weekend. A visitor approached me for my signature… i am truly honored.

Being a banana myself, as my friends always tease for  my lack of literacy in Chinese language, i feel that this is another personal milestone that i have achieved. In fact, my dream is to have my books translated into more languages to be shared with friends all around the world. So, taking this little step makes me feel closer and closer to my dream.

To my team in and all my supporters…I want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for all your support!

By the way, for those who reads chinese, here’s a brief description about the book:-


现在,就让郭景伟带领您到一个以往在公众和大众媒体之间隐藏着的真实世界。当您穿越过金融领域的过去、现在和未来的漆黑小巷,您可能会蔑视那腐败,羞于自己的无知并且寻找新的勇气以开拓新生活— 您被告知的富裕生活只会出现在童话故事里!

•             您将会学到如何鉴定真正的“钱”。

•             您将会理解到底什么是中央银行和通货膨胀。

•             您将会懂得白银如何比它的著名亲戚— 黄金更值得投资。


•             财富永远不能被摧毁。它只能从一个人身上被转移至另一个人。

•             当您的股票资产价值下跌时,这笔财富转移到了抑制市场的舵手身上。

•             黄金投资可以追溯到许多世纪前,它的作用为避风港ˎ 价值储存和货币资产。

•             黄金没有拖欠风险,被发行者违约的风险毫不存在。

•             当您购买珍贵金属时,您正铺着一条长远的投资路线。

•             切勿向不被公认的精炼厂购买金条或硬币。

•             白银是实物金钱。除了黄金,白银也是全世界流动性最高的资产之一。把白银兜售到国外去并不是一个问题。


Do check it out in major bookstores or at Online Store

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