Will You Sink or Swim in The Digital Revolution?

This weekend, I was fortunate to be invited by Roger James Hamilton and his team to speak at the Global Entrepreneur Summit in Bangkok with a group of changemakers of Thailand.

During that 2 days, Roger shared about the very latest top 10 waves to surf in the digital revolution, from crowdfunding to cryptocurrency, to global expansion, and steps that every entrepreneurs can apply straightaway.

Personally, I found it very exciting to be seeing another speaker who speaks in the same business language. As I’ve personally been going ALL-IN into crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, blockchain and recently, my latest obsession has been Artificial Intelligence.

I believe that the technology revolution is like a tsunami. When the wave hits, it’s either you sink or you swim!

You can’t change the direction of the wave. It’s either you equip yourself today with swimming skills. Or you’ll sink when the wave hits!

A third option is to build something entirely new that gives you an unfair advantage in this complete different environment.

So instead of sinking or swimming, you can surf through the waves!

We are living in one of the greatest times to be an entrepreneur and investor. Because if you ride through the wave, you’ll definite have a great time surfing through this tsunami!

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