‘Winter’ in August

“Finally… Winter is over!”

Those were my exact words on 30th August as I was heading for my first break in the month of August.

August (for me) has been filled with storms and turbulence. It’s probably the toughest month of the entire year!

Nevertheless, I’ve learnt lots of important lessons about leadership during this month itself.

As I’m having my solo travel here in Koh Samui, I took time to reflect and review on my learnings during my ‘winter’ month of August:
1. Drop all Ego and Be Truthful

Forget ego. It’s what got you into trouble in the first place. Be truthful and face the fact that you’re in ‘winter’.

Once you’re able to accept that you’re going through a downturn, embrace challenges. Go through them even if they hurt. Tell yourself, what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger. There is always something to be learned from this experience. You may not fully understand it now, but you’ll later. It’s all part of life, and life is a process of learning.

You’ll only be able to learn when you drop all ego and embrace challenges. Every challenging experience develops the core of inner strength, which gets you through those storms and turbulences.

Much like iron is forged by heat, your most significant challenges and your most painful experiences present the greatest opportunities for your personal growth.


2. Take Charge and Grow!

Nobody wants to be around somebody going through a low period. But people wants to be in the underdog team that turnaround failures.

In times like that you’ve got to be able to draw from within. Everyone have gotta take charge. You, as the leader has gotta take control!

When it’s seems like everything is lost, it also means an opportunity to creatively explore how to develop a new generation of leaders.

If everyone in the team embraces such an experience to deal with the greatest adversities, that will shape the character of your team far more than any leadership training programs out there.


3. Focus on Your Purpose and Passion

Find something you’re passionate about, and inspire others to join the cause as you share why you started this journey in the first place. The like will always attract the like.

No one is born with a purpose given by God. It’s through difficult times and tragic moments that opens our heart to deeper meaning of life and get you thinking more profoundly about what you can contribute to others during your lifetime. Yes! It’s in times of winter when you discover your purpose.

Just as you conclude one portion of your journey, another opportunity emerges, so you can take what you learned from previous experiences and apply it to new situations. That’s how businesses evolve, isn’t it?

If you embrace your life story and learn it’s lessons, your leadership journey will always be energized with purpose and passion.

Final Note

Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to thank all my friends and team members who provided the love and support I so desperately need. You know who you are. I’m forever grateful!

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